Earthworks Margaret River

House, shed and tank pads

House and shed pads are an important foundation in preparation for the concrete slab of your house or shed.  As part of this process, we will generally undertake the following steps:

  1. A site scrape to remove tree roots and organic matter
  2. Cut and remove surplus soil from site
  3. Supply and deliver clean fill sand or 0-3mm grit
  4. Spread, cut and machine compact the sand to the required levels


We pride ourselves on the quality, durability and affordability of our gravel driveways.  Our process for a new driveway, or repairs to an existing driveway will generally consist of:

  1. Box out and rework the existing driveway surface
  2. Supply and deliver gravel
  3. Spread the gravel evenly over the driveway surface
  4. Water bind and roll the driveway to give an even finish
  5. We can arrange for your driveway to be laid with hot mix or 2-coat laterite. 


Our range of trucks, end tippers and dog trailers allows us to transport from 12 to 31 tonnes.


  • Footings
  • Pool excavations
  • Removal of rocks and tree stumps
  • Excavation of service trenches
  • Septic tank and leach drain installation
  • Horse arenas

Footpaths and crossovers

We have constructed footpaths and crossovers for the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River in the townships of Margaret River and Augusta.

Supply and delivery of bulk materials

We can source the following bulk materials for delivery to your door at an affordable price:

  • Blue Metal
  • Brickies sand
  • Clean fill sand
  • Gravel
  • Granite rock
  • Grit 0-3mm
  • Plasterers sand
  • Playground sand
  • Tank pad sand
  • Yellow fill sand

We no longer stock landscaping products on site for retail purchase. 

See Jamie Turner and his team at Lazarus Landscape Supplies in the Margaret River LIA


We have a rockbreaker attachment for our 8 tonne excavator, enabling us to break and remove rocks from house pads, service trenches and other areas.

Heavy haulage

Our Bosich 3-axle low loader can float heavy machinery such as excavators, graders, loaders, and trucks, up to 24 tonne.

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