House Pads

Earthworks Margaret River

House, shed and tank pads

House and shed pads are an important foundation in preparation for the laying of the concrete slab. 

If you decide to build your home with a project builder, we are able to provide an alternative quote than that provided by your builder.  You will find this a competitive option, as it does not include the builders mark-up .   All you need do is contact us, and we’ll advise you of the plans and documents we need to provide you with a competitive quote.  

Depending on your soil conditions, and as assessed by a qualified structural engineer, the following process will occur when we commence your earthworks:

  • A site scrape to remove tree roots and other organic matter from the building envelope. 
  • The removal of tree stumps and rocks below ground level (if present).  
  • The use of a skid steer loader to scrape up and remove surplus soils (referred to as “spoils”) from the house pad site.
  • Supply and delivery of clean, screened fill sand which we source from a reputable local supplier, such as Caves Road Sands. 
  • The use of a skid steer loader to spread and cut the fill sand to the required finished floor levels (FFLs).
  • The use of a plate compactor to compact the sand pad to the required levels.  Compacting the pad is crucial to increase the density of the sand pad to withstand the loads that will be placed on top of it. 
  • At the end of the process, the site will be assessed by a structural engineer, and a compaction certificate issued for your peace of mind.  We recommend Roger Patemen and his team at Margaret River Structural Engineering.

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