earthWorks & Excavations

Earthworks Margaret River

EARTHWORKS & Excavations

It is this aspect of our business that brings diversity to our daily working lives, and is often the most rewarding.  With our range of skills and equipment, we are able to undertake a variety of works to suit your needs.  

These include (but are not limited to):

  • The excavation and ground works for below ground swimming pools, including the removal of excess spoils.
  • The supply, delivery and placement of granite or coffee rocks for landscaping.
  • Grinding and removal of tree stumps.
  • Excavation of large rocks, rock breaking, and either the removal of rocks from site, or placement of rocks for landscaping purposes.
  • Excavation and ground works for the installation of septic tanks and leach drains.
  • Respectful burial of deceased horses and other livestock.
  • Spreading of mulch over large garden areas.
  • Earthworks and preparation for the placement or establishment of lawn.
  • Excavation of service trenches for plumbers and electricians.
  • Site cleanups after a builder has finished your home.
  • Construction of horse arenas.

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